College Hostels

Chief Warden

AIMS and Objectives

To create an atmosphere of harmony and co-operation amongst the boarders.
To provide the boarders a peaceful and congenial environment to enable them to excel in their studies and personality development.
To create amongst the students, a sense of accommodation and to inculcate discipline.
To run / manage the hostel and it's Mess efficiently


The essential personnel manning a hostel shall be (i) One Warden (ii) One Associate / Residential Warden (iii) Mess Warden (iv) Hostel Care Taker / Work Assistant / Mess Assistant and (v) Mess workers and Security Guards etc. some of these may remain outsourced and hired basis and they will remain under control of Wardens. The Wardens will decide duties of other functionaries in consultation with various students committee from time to time. Item no. I to V are just show broader structure but Chief Warden decide number of administrative and the staff required per hostel depends upon requirements.
There will be following students committees to facilitate efficient functioning of hostels:
         A) Student Mess Committee
The Chief Warden / Assistant Chief Warden empowered to constitute new student committees or remove any existing committees which may include Hostel as well as Mess committee at any time if it is absolute necessary in consultation with wardens / Assistant / Associate Warden / Mess warden and advisory of ECB/CET Hostels. He can add or delete names of any members of these committees also.


Only regular students of the ECB/CET institutes shall be admitted to stay in the hostels depending on the availability of the seats in the hostel.
Admission to hostel will be subject to payment of dues, as decided by Competent Authorities from time to time and is solo discretion of the ECB/CET Hostels administration.
If any student/s is expelledfrom the ECB/CET institutes for any reason he / she should immediate vacat the hostel room. His / her continue in the hostel will be treated as unauthorised occupation, the Chief Warden/ Assistant Chief Warden is empowered to take any action / Legal action against such student/s.
Admission and continue stay in the hostel subjected to the academic performance, conduct and behavior of the student with its inmate, hostel staff, and in the ECB/CET institutes. Any violation of theses condition may lead to his/ her termination from the ECB/CET hostels. The decision of Chief Warden/ Assistant Chief Warden is final in such cases.
All the Boarders are abiding by hostel rules and regulation; they also must follow standing orders issued by Chief Warden time to time. Any violation of rules and regulation, standing orders may lead to heavy financial penalty/ discipline marks penalty or both. It even may lead to termination from the hostels.
Hostel accommodation is allotted purely at the discretion of the Chief Warden and on condition that the student agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the hostel.
Similarly students may be required to shift to alternate accommodation at short notice due to administrative reasons.
The Hostel Management reserves the right to break open any room which is not vacated, pack up the contents and store it. No complaints of breakage or loss will be entertained.
No student should stay away from his/her room during the night except with prior written permission of the warden. Any student, who wishes to leave the compus temporarily or otherwise, should obtain the permission of warden in writing. Those applying for permission must state the date and time of his/her intended departure and return as well as the destination and enter all these details in the in-out register maintained in every hostel.
Student having any Chronic/Communicable disease is not permitted to stay in hostel.
Caution money is refundable as decided by the Office of Chief Warden, ECB/CET hostels.
Full fees must be paid at the time of registration through bank challan/DD in favour of "ECB Hostel"/"CET Hostel".
Rules for refund of hostel fees after registration:

    I.     No stay at all in hostel: Refunded with deduction of Rs. 1000/-

    II.    Stay for less than one month in hostel: Refunded with deduction 
of Rs. 3500/-

    III.   Vacant in Mid-session: Fees will be refunded for remaining period
@ Rs. 2500/- per month.

    IV.    For refund original fees receipt need to be submitted at the time
of refund otherwise no refund request is accepted.

    V.     Bus facility is free for hostellers.

           Note: In case of educational loan or other loan a cheque of 
remaining amount after deduction is issued in favor of borrower
bank only no personal cheque or cash mode available for refund
An appropriate amount cheque is issued to borrower bank after
deduction of actual postage & other charges applicable.


Rooms will be allotted by the Warden(s) as per the policy for the allotment of rooms decided in a meeting of Chief Warde, Assistant Chief Warden and Wardens. After allotment, a student will report to Hostel Care Taker or any other official authorized by Warden and take possession of room after signing inventory of the furniture, electrical and other items in the room. Students must occupy rooms specifically allotted to them. Mid semester shifting of room is not permissible in any case until and unless it is absolutely necessary. Wardens may consider written requests for change of rooms within the hostel and decide the same on merit of each case. Change of accommodation from one hostel to another during a term is generally not permitted. Allotment made to a student is subject to cancellation if he/she fails to occupy the room in the prescribed time. Students will also forfeit their rooms if they fail to clear all their dues to the hostel by the appointed day. In such cases they will be asked to vacate the hostel. The Chief Warden reserves the right to break open rooms in case of any violation of hostel rules, suspected unlawful activities or on the basis of security risk perceived.


Mid semester vacation is not permissible in any case until and unless it is absolutely necessary in such cases refund decision of Chief Warden/ Assistant Chief Warden is final. Residents who wish to vacate the hostel must meet the Caretaker for necessary formalities/advice. Permission of the students' Parents along with certain documentation is mandatory. While planning to vacate the hostel refund rules given at the end of this book must be consulted. Any student withdrawing from the hostel will hand over the possession of the room and pay all the dues and seek clearance certificate from the concerned Warden. At the end of even semester a student shall vacate his / her room and hand over the charge of the room including all items on the inventory to the Hostel Care Taker or any other official of the hostel authorized by the Warden. Any student desirous of retaining his room during the vacation must seek permission of his Warden.


Boarders should keep their rooms and hostel premises clean.
The boarder shall not damage any hostel property.
Students should switch off lights, fans etc. when they are not required for the use of other electric appliances, prior permission of Warden is necessary. They should agree to pay the electrical and water charges as per the ECB/CET Hostels policy effective from time to time.
The boarders are not allowed to gamble, to consume intoxicants (narcotics, alcoholic,beverages, smoking etc.), nor are they are allowed to have possession of them in the hostel premises.
The boarders are not allowed to invite any female guest into their rooms in the boys hostel.
The boarders are not allowed to accommodate guests in their rooms without written permission of the hostel authorities.
The boarders are not allowed to keep with them any fire arms or weapons even if they possess license thereof.
The boarders are not allowed to keep any pets in the hostel premises.
The boarders are not allowed to invite undesirable elements into the hostel premises.
The boarders are not allowed individual cooking etc. in the rooms and messing outside the Hostel also not allowed.
The boarders are not allowed to stay overnight out of their hostels or go to out of station without prior permission of the Warden concerned.
Any act of manhandling, group fighting, intimidation or violence, willful damage to property or drunken behavior constitutes a serious offence.
The boarder shall refrain from ragging the junior students in any form and violation of it will be treated as a gross misconduct. FIR may be launched in such cases.
The boarders shall not indulge in any act of theft, immoral acts, misbehavior with hostel/ mess staff, spread of regionalism, communalism and casteism etc.
The boarders are expected to live in the hostel as a community and with a full sense of responsibility. They should behave with restraint and decorum and should not act in any fashion, which may cause disturbance to anybody. The boarders shall observe 10:00 PM to 6:00 AM as silence hours.
The boarders are not allowed to take any common room or mess property into their rooms except on issuance of the same.
The boarders are not allowed to play out door games other than those allowed by the Warden of the hostel premises.
Students are not allowed to convene any meeting in or around hostel without the permission of Warden.
The boarders must abide by any other instructions conveyed by Member Secretary, Principal/ Incharge/ Coordinator, Head of Departments, Chief Warden, Assistant Chief Warden and Warden from time to time for smooth functioning of Hostels.
The concerned hostel authorities may visit / inspect the rooms of boarders any time to ensure proper cleanliness and other discipline related matters.
The boarders (boys) should report back in the hostel before the specified time daily.
In case of any emergency all the boarders should report the matter to any ECB/CET Hostels employee on duty i.e. Chowkidaar/ Security guard/ Hostel Care Taker/ Mess Assistant/ Resident Warden, Warden, Mess Warden, Assistant/ Associate Warden, Assistant Chief Warden, Chief Warden immediately.
Boarder should not take costly items like jewelry, electronic gadgets, etc. They should buy insurance cover against theft and also keep proper security of their valuables. Hostel authorities shall not be responsible for any theft or damage.
The boarder must possess their identity cards with them all the time including while they are going out. Prior permission from the warden should be sought before leaving the station.
No boarder shall keep any heavy electrical appliance in his room like fridge, air-conditioner, room heater/ cooking heater etc.
Students are requested to avoid singing aloud, shouting or making all types of noises which are likely to distract the attention of those who may be studying in their rooms or hostel libraries.
Pets of all kinds are prohibited inside the hostel. Feeding stray dogs or cats in the hostel premises is not permitted.
Any damage/breakage to hostel property will be charged to the occupants of the room/ block/ hostel with a fine. Disciplinary action will also be initiated.
Cooking in hostel room is not permitted.
All instructions/ notices displayed on notice boards will be deemed to have been read by all residents and excuses for non-compliance of such instructions and notices will not be accepted. Residents are advised to look at the notice board everyday to acquaint themselves with latest information/ orders.
Playing of loud music and distrubing the quite atmosphere by any other means is not permitted as it disturbs the fellow hostel mates. One may use earphones while listening to music. Playing any kind of outdoor games inside the hostels/ corridors is not permitted.
Partying in the rooms, in the corridors or anywhere in the hostel is not permitted whatever be the occasion.
Fire Hazards and Safety: Candles and incense are a fire hazard and are not permitted in the hostels. Combustible materials such as gasoline, paint thinner and oil lamps are not permitted in the hostels. Burning/ bursting of crackers, carrying of crackers to the rooms and lighting of lamps/ candles are banned strictly in and around the hostel premises throughout the year. Residents must switch off all lights and fans, and electrical appliances including mosquito repelling machines if any before leaving their rooms. This is necessary to avoid an inadvertent fire.
Anything which interferes with student's studies must be avoided at all times. Silence Hours will be observed from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. on all days. No noise of any sort will be permitted during the "Silence Hours". Serious action will be taken on the breach of this rule. Residents must not go to others rooms and distrub the inmates. Complaints from other residents will be investigated and action taken accordingly.
The Chief Warden/ Warden or his representative may enter any room for verification at any time of the day or night.
The management reserves the right to break open the rooms in case of violations of hostel rules, suspected unlawful activities and security risk cases or where the student is absent from his room for a long period without prior information or any valid reason. This will, however, be carried out by the security person in the presence of the hostel Warden, caretaker and one more person at the discretion of the Chief Warden/ Warden. A verbal report, followed by a written report will be sent to the higher authorities.
Proxy or dummy room-mates are forbidden. Strict action will be taken if accommodation is held as proxy. They are liable to be removed from the hostel.Residents are not permitted to allow their rooms to be used by others. All visitors and non-residents including students from other hostels must leave the hostel/ other students rooms during nights. All residents are advised to extend their fullest co-operation to see that no unauthorised persons enter or stay in the hostel premises. If they happen to find any such person, they should demand the permit/ Identity Card and if it is not forthcoming, the matter should be brought to the notice of the Warden for further action.
All hostel inmates must report any disciplinary matter or problems concerning them or their room-mate/ neighbour(s) coming to their notice to the Warden/ Chief Warden throught caretaker or directly. In case their room-mate is absent from the room or is sick / admitted in the hospital or is in any kind of physical/ mental trouble or is indulging in any bad practices the same must be immediately brought to the notice of the Warden or the Chief Warden.
No televisions are permitted to be kept in the hostel rooms by the students.
Insurance of Laptops/ Valuables: It is the responsibility of the Hostel residents to get their laptops and valuables, if any, insured themselves.
Security of ATM/Debit cards: All residents must take care of their ATM/Debit/Credit cards. They must not disclose their PIN to anybody- even to their best friends.
Latecomers: Residents returning late to their Hostels will be fined. The HODs and Parents of residents coming very late or who are habitual offenders will be informed. In acute cases the residents may have to vacate the Hostel.
Plastic Free Zone: Hostel Campus is a 'Plastic Free Zone'. Residents should ensure that plastic bags are not used for any purpose whatsoever.
Any damage to hostel property will be made good by the residents who are responsible for such damage. This includes driving in of nails, defacing of walls, damage to fixtures and furniture. Fine will also be levied in addition to disciplinary action.
Residents must bring to the notice of the care taker any failures/ breakdown in the electric supply. They should not themselves attempt to repair the defects in the mains or in the distribution system. The service of an electrician is available round the clock for attending to any defect in the electric system or fittings. When leaving the room, the occupants must take care to see that the fan and lights are switched off. Every effort must be made to economise the use of electricity. A warning "S O S" (Switch- Off Something) may be put up on the door to remind the residents before they leave the room.
The rooms and surroundings must be kept clean. The service of the cleaners must be obtained to ensure that the rooms are swept and toilets cleaned while the residents are in the room. The care takers are at the service of residents. The general workers are available during night also. Residents are responsible for the cleanliness of their rooms. They should see that the rooms are properly swept every day. All waste paper and refuse must be placed in receptacle provied for that purpose.
Water is an essential but scarce commodity. All residents are requested to use water judiciously and preserve it. Leakage etc. in the bathrooms should be immediately reported through care takers.
All complaints regarding repairs/ maintenance in the Hostels must be entered personally by the students in Complaint Registers maintained in all the Hostels.
Residents of the hostels are not permitted to convene meetings of any sort in the hostel premises without the prior permission of the Warden/ Chief Warden. Disobedience of this rule will be severely dealt with.
The care takers, warden and chief warden are available round-the-clock on telephone, and may be contacted in case of any emergency. Their telephone numbers are given the this book and are also displayed at various places in all the hostels.
Collection of donation for any purpose (religious or other) is strictly prohibited.
Disciplinary marks for hostellers are awarded by office of chief warden.
Air Cooler/ Air Conditioner is not allowed in hostel rooms. In special case if any student want to use facility of air cooler he must take prior permission for the same and agree to pay additional monthly electricity charge as decided by the office of chief warden time to time. If any cooler found without permission it may seized by hostel department and fine can be charged from the student.


       In addition to general discipline rules, the boarders of Girls Hostel shall abide by the following rules:
Every boarder should report back in the hostel before hostel timings, as notified by the ECB/CET Hostels authority. While going out the hostel campus proper entries have to be made in a register, after seeking permission from the warden.
Residents going out the hostel but within the campus like laboratories and library after the specified hostel times have to make proper entries in campus register, after seeking permission from the warden. The entries should be made with proper details including the contact no. of the Lab/ Department.
Anyone leaving station for going home/ other places for weekend or for vacations must make proper entry in leave register and seek prior permission of the Hostel Warden/ Resident Warden.
No guests including parents are allowed after the hostel timings in the hostel.
Workers/ Electricians etc. can visit the girl's rooms only after making proper entries and with prior permission of the Warden/ Resident warden.
A guest register has been kept at the reception counter. Residents should ensure that they make proper entries in that register when their guests visit.
Outing from hostel for girl's will be allowed only three days in a week that will be on Tuesday 5:00PM to 7:00PM in summer and 4:00PM to 6:00PM in winter, on Thursday 11:00AM to 3:00PM in summer & winter and on Sunday 2:00PM to 7:00PM in summer and 1:00PM to 6:00PM in winter. These timing can be changed time to time by Office of the Chief Warden.
Night stay at local guardian's house is not permitted.


Ragging in any form in the hostel is illegal. "Ragging is prohibited as per the decision of the Supreme Court of India in Writ Petition No. (C) 656/1998". Ragging is now a crime. No one can feign ignorance of the law. Under the prohibition of ragging Act 1997, those who indulge in ragging can be punished. Jail for period ragging from six month to 10 years & fine up to Rs. 50000/-


If the appropriate authority is satisfied that a prima-facie case exists against the boarder, he may be suspended from the hostel, pending a final enquiry. The outcome of which is to be announced not later than 30 days from such a suspension. In case, the boarder is acquitted or the decision is delayed for more than 30 days, such a suspension will stand revoked.
The respective hostel warden will enquire all the cases of breach of hostel conduct rules pertaining to a hostel and take suitable action.
In case of seriousness of breach of conduct rules so warrants, the warden of concerned hostel may request Chief Warden to constitute a committee to enquire and take suitable action, defined under disciplinary Penalties.
In case of inter hostel dispute/ conflicts a committee headed by Chief Warden will take appropriate actions after enquiry.
Member Secretary/ Chief Warden may also appoint a committee for enquiry into breach of hostel rules.
The actions taken by above mentioned authorities/ committees shall be reported to next Reviewing authority.
While conducting the final enquiry the concerned authority will ensure that opportunity is given to the boarder to present his/her view point. After the decision is conveyed to the boarder, he may request the concerned authority for its review. An appeal for pardon, remission, commutation, reprieve, and respite shall be with the warden/ Assistant Chief Warden/ Chief Warden as the case may be.
Assistant Chief Warden may review action taken by the Warden.
Action taken by Assistant Chief Warden may be reviewed by the Chief Warden.
Memeber Secretary may review any decision taken by hostel authorities.


      A boarder found to have violated any of the conduct & Discipline Rules.
May be issued written/Verbal warning.
May be placed on conduct probation.
May be asked to tender verbal/ written public apology.
May be asked to do community service.
May be fined up to a sum equivalent to the hostel fees.
May be asked to call his/her parents.
May be asked to make good any loss individually or jointly.
May be expelled from hostel temporarily of permanently.
The case may be referred to Society Board of Discipline/Police.
Penalty on discipline marks.

ECB Hostels

Every efffort has been made at the College of Engineering & Technology, Bikaner to provide the best facilities for students. Every student has access to a wide range of activities, facilities and support. Besides the regular hostel dining facilities, there are affordable food services on campus that provide inexpensive and easily accessible lunchtime or evening options. ECB has nine hostels. There are Six Boy's Hostels, which accommodate 760 students in two and three-bed rooms. A gym facility is also attached. The Three Girl's Hostels have room for 305 students. ECB, with its beautifully landscaped and carefully tended gardens, provides an ideal environment for a congenial learning experience. Hostel campus invites students out of their hostels to spend time between midst greenery and a riot of floral color.

Boy's Hostel

Campus Boys' Hostel No.1

»Intake: 95 (two/three sitter rooms)
»Location: ECB Campus
»Fees: Rs.40,000/- per year

Campus Boys' Hostel No.2

»Intake: 95 (two/three sitter rooms)
»Location: ECB Campus
»Fees: Rs.40,000/- per year

Campus Boys' Hostel No.3

»Intake: 130 (two/three sitter rooms)
»Location: CET Campus
»Fees: Rs.40,000/- per year

Campus Boys' Hostel No.4

»Intake: 130 (two/three sitter rooms)
»Location: CET Campus
»Fees: Rs.40,000/- per year

H. J. Bhabha Boys' Hostel

»Intake: 80 (Three sitter rooms)
»Distance:11 kilometers from college
»Location: Jai Narayan Vyas Colony
»Fees: Rs.40,000/- per year

Maheshwari Boys' Hostel

»Intake: 150 (Two sitter rooms)
»Distance: 4 kilometers from college
»Location: Pugal Fanta
»Fees: Rs.40,000/- per year

Govind Bhawan Boys' Hostel

»Intake: 58 (Two sitter rooms)
»Distance: 2 kilometers from college
»Location: M.P. Nagar
»Fees: Rs.40,000/- per year

Girl's Hostel

I.T.I. Girls' Hostel

»Intake: 85 (Three/Four sitter rooms)
»Distance: 12 kilometers from college
»Location: Patel Nagar
»Preference: B.Tech. II Year (ECB & CET)
»Fees: Rs.40,000/- per year

Ashiana Palace Girls' Hostel

»Intake: 70 (Three/Four sitter rooms)
»Distance: 7 kilometers from college
»Location: Karani Nagar
»Preference: B. Tech. I Year (ECB & CET)
»Fees: Rs.40,000/- per year

Choudhary Charan Singh Girls' Hostel

»Intake: 150 (Two/Three sitter rooms)
»Distance: 14 kilometers from college
»Location: Tilak Nagar
»Preference: B. Tech. III, IV Year, Polytechnic, MBA, MCA, BBA, BCA & M. Sc. IT (All Year) (ECB & CET)
»Fees: Rs.40,000/- per year


»Cross Ventilated rooms
»Well furnished two/three/four sitter rooms with all facilities required by the students
»Pure vegetarian & homely food.
»Aquaguard purified drinking water.
»Internet connection in every room (Complimentary Facility).
»Sports facility both indoor & outdoor games.
»First Aid Medical Box [in case of any type of emergency Ambulance facility provided by hostel.
»Free Transport facility to College by college buses.
»T.V. facility with dishtv/Tatasky connection in common room.
»24 Hrs security.
»Daily Newspaper.

Hostel Rules and Regulations

1. Hostel fee is Rs. 40,000.00/- and a sum of Rs. 2000 will have to pay as caution money. Caution money is refundable when student vacates the hostel after deducting the dues/Penalty.

2. Full fee must be paid in only one instalment at the time of registration through Bank challan / DD in favour of "ECB Hostel"/"CET Hostel".

3. Rules regarding hostel fee after registration of the student:

Φ No stay at all in hostel: Fee will be refunded with deduction of Rs. 1000/-
Φ Stay at hostel for one month or less : Fee deducted by Rs. 3500/-
Φ Vacate a hostel in mid-session: Fee will be refunded for remaining period @ Rs. 2500/- Per Month and on account of debarred or specific reason.
Φ For fee refund, the original fee recipt must be submitted otherwise fee won't be refunded.

Φ Bus facility is free for hostellers.

4. Hostel fee is not transferable. Hostel management committee reserve the rights to penalize or relaxation in fees for specific cases.

5. During summer break or training period if a student is staying in hostel, (s)he have to deposit Rs.2000/- month.

6. Ragging in any form in the hostel is illegal. "Ragging is prohibited as per the decision of the Supreme Court of India in Writ Petition No. (C)656/1998". Ragging is now a crime. No one can feign ignorance of the law. Under the prohibition of ragging Act 1997 those who indulge in raggin can be punished. Jail for period ragging from six month to 10 years & fine up to Rs.50,000/-.

7. Total No. of students in a room will be decided by the Admission Committee/Chief Warden/Warden that can be altered without any prior information to students.

8. Room No. will be allotted by warden. Students are not allowed to shift their rooms. Students seeking room shifting must contact to the warden with written application. Rooms can be changed at any time during the year by the warden.

9. On arrival, a student will report to the caretaker or warden of the hostel and will take possession of the room after seeking the inventory to the furniture, elecrical and other items in the room.

10. At the end of year a student should vacate her/his room and hand over the charge of the room including all items on the inventory to the caretaker-or-any other offical of the hostel authorized by the warden. Any student desiring or retain her/his room during the vacation must seek prior permission of her/his warden.

11. Any act of intimidation, violence or wilful damage to property and riotous behaviour constitutes as offence.

12. Use of audio equipment in hostel is acceptable only if it is not objectionable to other residents.

13. Only girl hostellr's mother may visit her room. Visitors may be entertained by a student in the visitor's room in the hostel till 7:00 P.M. The girl residents shall not receive male guests in their rooms.

14. Overnight stay by the guests will not be permitted unless in extremely genuine condition.

15. Student having any Chronic/Communicable disease are not allowed to stay in hostel.

16. No student is allowed to use any sort of narocotic, smoking, consumption of alcoholic and gambling any student found involved in use of possession of the same will be expelled from the hostel/Panellized for Rs. 500/- in addition to other disciplinary action.

17. The boarders are not allowed to remove any property from the dining room or from hostel.

18. No student is allowed to remain outside the hostel premises after 9:00 P.M.

19. Outing from hostel for girl's wil be allowed only three days in a week that will be on Tuesday 5:00 P.M. To 7:00 P.M. in summer and 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. in winter, on Thursday 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. in summer & winter and on Sunday 2:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. in summer and 1:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. in winter.

20. Night stay at local guardian's house is not allowed.

21. There will be no permission granted to hostellers to attend any local function or gathering because of security reasons.

22. The hostellers have to follow the rules and regulations related to timing of T.V. Room, hostel mess, play ground etc. Constituted by hostel Warden/care taker or any other official authority of hostel department.

23. No student will watch any type of pornographic or chatting related websites on computes in rooms. Any student found involved in these types of activities will be expelled from hostel in addition to other disciplinary action.

24. The hostellers are not to enter any unnecessary conversation, discussions, quarrel or altercation with the hostel staff. If anyone has any complaint against any employee of the hostel, a written complaint against the prson is to be lodged to the warden. Use of abusive, vulgar and unparliamentarily language against the hostel/mess staff is strictly forbidden.

25. When leaving the rooms for attending classes or for vacations etc. Fans, electrical gadgets, lights etc., should be switched off Glass windows are to be closed surely.

26. Hostellers are not allowed to leave the headquarter without the written permission by the warden.

27. Collection of donation for any purpose (Religious or otherwise) is als strictly prohibited.

28. Disciplinary marks of the hosteller's for each semester will be awarded by the warden.

29. In case of any kind of damage in Hostel Property, all residents of that hostel will be panellized and the suitable penalty will be deducted from the caution money.

30. In any case expelled students from hostel will not be entertained in future for accommodation in hostel.

Hostel Wardens

Chief Warden

Contact No. : 0151-2253404 Ext. 115
E-Mail :

Assistant Chief Warden

Contact No. : 0151-2253404 Ext. 115

Hostel Wardens

»Mr. Rakesh Poonia: (H J Bhabha & Campus Boys Hostel No. 4) Mob-9784103183
»Mr. Naveen Sharma: (Maheshwary Boy's Hostel) Mob-9269494496
»Mr. Subhash Kumar: (Govind Bhawan Boy's Hostel) Mob- 9468943300
»Mr. Sunil Kumar (Campus Boys Hostel No. 1) Mob-
»Mr. Maninder Singh Nehra (Campus Boys Hostel No. 2) Mob- 9414804769
»Mr. Abdul Hamid (Campus Boys Hostel No. 3) Mob- 9251447048
»Mr. (Campus Boys Hostel No. 4) Mob-


»Mr. Vinod Choudhary (Coordinator Canteen) Mobile: +91-9680181888
»Mr. Ranjeet Singh Rathore (Coordinator Transportation) Mobile: +91-9024045015

Note: For admission related quarries contact following:-

»Mr. Jaswant Singh Bhati, Contact No.: +91-9414283426
»Mr. Shiv Shankar Pareek, Contact No.: +91-9982071577

Hostel Care Takers

»Ms. Prem Kumawat (Choudhary Charan Singh Girls Hostel)
»Ms. Manju Nagra & (ITI Girls Hostel) +91-9214585843
»Ms. Aseema Pareek (Agarwal Girls Hostel)
»Mr. Vijay Singh (H J Bhabha Boys Hostel) +91-9414139669
»Mr. Kana Ram ( Campus I & II Boys Hostel) +91-9252959594
»Mr. Sita Ram Singh (Chaynan Boys Hostel) +91-9269939440
»Mr. Hansraj Bhamu (Tulsi Kunj Boys Hostel) +91-9269311328
»Mr. Ganesh Bhadani (Govind Bhawan Boys Hostel) +91-9784827598
»Mr. Shiv Shankar Pareek (Maheshwary Boys Hostel)
»Mr. Ishwar Singh (B.Ed Boys Hostal)
»Mr. Vikas Yadav (Campus III Boys Hostel)
»Mr. Sant Ram (Campus IV Boys Hostel)